What is Melamine?

What is Melamine?

Melamine uses

Melamine has been used for kitchenware tableware, and even furniture and laminate. This extremely versatile material is great because of its multi uses and price. It is mostly used in large scale restaurants or school cafeterias, dining halls, that sort of thing. At the other end of the scale there are also the more designer bespoke uses of it too. 

It has also been used for cabinets, and tables as well as heavily used in typical office furniture and wardrobe sets. 

Such as the nature of plastic, it is very versatile, but also this comes with a double edged sword as we are about to find out in this article. 

Melamine definition

Melamine is the chemical compound for this organic material. It is very nitrogen rich with some hydrogen. Because it is a type of plastic it is largely durable, and heat resistant which means that it can be microwaved. Find more cheap baby furniture here

Disadvantages of melamine

The disadvantage of melamine is that it also is not as recyclable as natural wood materials or indeed some other plastics. This melamine need s to be expertly recycled into a glue like substance. Obviously a lot of people will not bother with this step if it is not obvious to them, and a lot of melamine goes in the fridge. 

Is melamine toxic

Yes. Unprocessed melamine is poisonous. But the stuff we are talking about has been processed into a resin which is safe to use. This means your utensils and dinnerware will also be relatively safe, but you do have to make sure you do not heat it up too much because that can cause it to melt. 

Melamine toxicity

There is research to suggest that melamine is toxic. This is true. In its pure form , melamine is very toxic. In the form we use it today however it is mostly safe and certified as a safe way to eat or have as furniture. 

Melamine in food

There was a scandal in China regarding melamine in dog food and baby food. See how to clean baby toys here. This caused there to be produced melamine acid stones in the animals and babies. That being said this was when the contamination was over an extended period of time and years. 

melamine bowls
melamine bowls

There have been studies to show that eating food that has been overheated when in a melamine container has shown evidence of having the melamine in the food which is not great. This obviously is not the case for everything that has been served in this plastic and I can not definitively say that melamine is bad for you or even toxic in its regulated resin form. It is a good resource for canteen halls and elderluy care homes , just because we know it will not break, as well as it can stand up to many washes and can handle a lot of use. 

Melamine vs laminate

Many of the flooring panels you will find in stores today will be melamine. It’s that harder tile like squares you find. It’s great to use as flooring because it is waterproof, scratch and shatter resistant. Melamine is not that strong however when it comes to the amount of pressure that can be placed on it. 

Laminate can be formed from many layers of plastic resin. It is very strong because of the reinforcement of the many layers of resin. This being said there is not much difference in the argument of melamine vs laminate, just that laminate is generally stronger, so it depends if you are going to have heavy stools on this flooring or if it is more decorative. 

Is melamine breakable

Melamine is breakable, as anything is. But it is very strong and rather shatter proof, so it is a lot more reliable than ceramics or alternatives like bone china. 

You will also find that it can break at extreme temperatures also. This being said it can also withstand high temperatures but not as high as the oven fired likes of bone china and other fired ceramics.

Melamine furniture durability 

Melamine is very durable, as it is a plastic. Which means it is very heat resistant, as well as shatter resistant and break proof. 

What is melamine?

Melamine is a heavy duty plastic chemical compound that has a number of different uses and applications in the modern world. The chances are that you have eaten from some melamine tableware in the past. But this is not it’s only use. It can also be made into laminate furniture, glue and furniture. BEcause of its plastic nature rather than ceramics, it is often preferred in the world of catering. 

set of rimmed plates and bowls - close up
set of rimmed plates and bowls – close up

Painting melamine cabinets problems

If you want to paint melamine cabinets or furniture, you need to make sure you use a primer first because the regular paint will not stick to the melamine as it is now. It will likely crack and fall off. 

This being said, it is not impossible to paint. Try and use some primer first. This will make a coating first and make your paint be a lot more consistent coat and great looking for what we want to achieve. 

How to upcycle melamine furniture

You can upcycle this furniture, just as you can upcycle anything else. Try and find some primer colours and paint colours and find what looks good. As well as this you can find some new handles and doors which will fully upcycle your furniture to new heights! This can then be sold at a profit usually as they will look super cool. 

How to restore melamine furniture

You have to think about the other stuff, and not just the paint. From the aesthetic to the colour, and even the hardware. We’re talking about sanding, prepping, and cleaning. Melamine can get really dirty, so youre gonna have to make sure that you give it a good clean to start with , and that the dirt has all gone. Once you have got this, you need to make sure that you have also sanded down your amazing furniture item.