Top 10 Eco Parent Products You Need For Your Green family

Top 10 Eco Parent Products You Need For Your Green family

Eco parenting is a phrase often heard these days. As one generation passes on to the next; public opinion and trends change. As do the ways we raise our children.The environment is at the forefront of conversation and dispute – as climate change becomes ever more apparent; one naturally thinks about the next generation. 

What will our children and grandchildren’s lives be like?

This is where Eco parenting comes in. Making a few changes in your daily life, while raising an Eco baby can drastically reduce your plastic waste and carbon emissions. Low environmental impact living can be easier than you think. Today I will be looking at a few baby Eco trends and products I think are great. 

teaching your children about an eco friendly planet is very beneficial


Teaching your children about an Eco friendly planet is very beneficial

    1.Eco Baby Sleeping Bags

Choosing an organic natural fibre sleeping bag for your baby will be beneficial, as you can be assured of providing chemical free parenting.  Alternatively – you could also make your own sleeping bag for your baby. This will provide a sound, comfortable sleep that (hopefully) lasts all through the night!

    2. Eco Friendly Baby Clothes

This one is a great one, because naturally I will say one thing… hand me downs. Reusing, and recycling existing baby clothes is the best way to clothe your baby , if you are only thinking about your Eco footprint. 

eco friendly baby boots


Eco friendly baby boots

Sometimes this cannot be ideal, as all children grow at different rates and it can be hard to find clothes that fit. Alternatively you could use some old t shirts or other clothing scraps and upcycle baby clothes. Or – if you like to knit, or know a knitting enthusiast… You can always use some recycled wool and find some Eco baby knitting patterns to get some bespoke Eco wear for your baby. Who knows- maybe you can even make one for yourself and be matching. 

Eco Baby Detergent is also important. Getting a detergent that is good for your baby will generally also mean it is good for the environment. Detergents that are made with natural based ingredients and the best, as there will be less chance of reaction and toxins.  

    3. Earth Friendly Baby Eco Wipes

Baby wipes are one of the worst products for being wasteful. They cannot be recycled and they do not biodegrade. Instead – think about buying Bamboo Eco friendly wipes work as well as regular plastic wipes, but are 100% organic, and degrade over time. Plus – Bamboo is very fast growing, and is more sustainable than other wood types. 

    4. Eco Friendly Baby Nappies

Similar to baby wipes – baby nappies are also a strain on the earth’s resources. Cloth nappies are a great alternative to this problem, as they just require washing to be used again. How to wash cloth nappies? Simply put them in the washing machine on a high heat. Hang them out to dry and reuse! 

The businesses that focus on selling these products are actively reducing environmental impact businesses. They generally have great ethic not only with the products they sell – but the other aspects of having a business; such as the packaging and environmental impact of shipping. 

    5. Glass Baby Bottles

Instead of plastic – think of using glass baby bottles. A lot of this advice sounds like it is coming from 1960 – with glass bottles and reusable nappies – but the truth is, this was a time where everything was much more Eco friendly and not as much of a throw away society. 

Pros and Cons Of Glass Baby Bottles:

  • Glass bottles can still be sterilised and washed, just as well as plastic. 
  • They can be used multiple times
  • Recyclable
  • They can be heavy
  • Could smash – so need supervision
eco friendly glass baby bottles


eco friendly glass baby bottles

    6. Stainless Steel Baby Bottles

Stainless Steel bottles are another alternative to plastic bottles. Stainless Steel can be cleaned, is dishwasher safe and 100% recyclable. 

How to sterilise stainless steel baby bottles?

  • Simply place your bottle in a pan with water in it. 
  • Place on the hob/or in a steriliser
  • Heat the pan with the items in, bring to the boil
  • Boil for 10 mins
  • Wait for the bottle to cool. 

Stainless Steel vs Glass baby bottles:

Obviously – Babies like to throw things, so on this one Stainless steel wins. The smashed glass can also potentially be a hazard if your baby is left unsupervised at any time. 

Stainless Steel can be heavier than glass – but honestly we don’t think there’s much in it. Glass bottles are better from the point of view that you can see how much your baby has drank, without having to shake the bottle or pour it out. 

    7.Eco Baby Pacifier

If you want a natural product baby pacifier – you can get Hevea Pacifiers. Hevea – or the Rubber tree as it is more commonly known. These dummies are natural and non toxic. Made from organic materials. 

    8. Eco Baby Crib

You could even think about making your own green cradle from repurposed wood. A reclaimed crib would look rustic and stylish in the right room. But one must take extra care to sand and make the crib baby safe. This is a way to make your own custom Bespoke baby furniture. 

There are many crib DIY projects you can get your teeth into such as a DIY wood Bassinet. A Bassinet meaning – a wicker cradle is usually fixed to the floor with a rocking axle, meaning your child will have a peaceful sleep.

    9. Eco Baby Stroller

For your Eco friendly baby registry  – you need a stroller. I would recommend just purchasing a second hand strollers, as they are readily available, and you can get good deals online from places like ebay and facebook marketplace ect.  Because babies are constantly growing, they soon outgrow their stroller- and relatively unused strollers are bound to come up online if you have a look!

    10. Eco Baby Toys

So many baby toys are made from plastic. It makes you think – how many old and lost baby toys are on a landfill pile or out in our oceans. With eco baby toys – you do not have to worry about this. Wooden toys will simply degrade with time and return to the earth, but not before providing hours of fun!

All of these tips will help you be on your way to becoming a small footprint family. Baby Eco trends are constantly changing so it is good to keep updated and keep an eye out for more products that come to the market.