What is baby shower?

A baby shower is where a pregnant mother throws a party for her unborn baby in order to be ready and get supplies for her baby when it is born. This may include giving gifts, food, playing games. It is suitable for all ages and generally held midday. 

what is a baby shower?
what is a baby shower?

Baby shower meaning

A baby shower means you getting showered with presents and gifts for your baby. Exciting huh?! 

DO MEN go to baby showers?

Of course… I mean, if you want to celebrate your friend/family member’s pregnancy, and soon to arrive baby, why wouldn’t you go? It might be fun. 

Who throws a baby shower?

Usually the mothers’ partner throws the shower, but it could alternatively be the parents, friends, or other family members. Anyone who wants to is the real answer. 

When to have a baby shower

Baby showers are usually held before the baby is born, but when the mother is pregnant enough to be needing the gifts pretty soon! This is a question often asked. Because you have to do it safe enough the mother will be absent from the shower and in hospital, but close enough to the date that you can get some fab family and friends pictures

when to throw a baby shower?

When to send out baby shower invites

Sending out the baby shower invites with a good amount of notice is preferable. This could be a fine line in many guests attending and nobody attending, so it must be timed right. Having said that – do not stress yourself out. This is a stressful time and a baby shower might tip you over the edge of stress. We do not want his. 

when to send out invites for a baby shower?
when to send out invites for a baby shower?

We recommend sending out the invites 1-1.5 months before the shower.

When to do baby shower?

Doing the baby shower from around 6 months up until the due date will be fine. This sort of time works the best because the mother will still be able to have at least some energy to get involved if she wants to, and it’s great to share in this exciting time where the due date feels nearby!

Do guys go to baby showers?

If you are a guy and have been invited to a baby shower, this means you should go. Baby showers are just as masculine as they are femenine and really we think this is a lame excuse to not go and have fun at a baby shower. 

When do people have baby showers?

Generally from the 6 month mark onwards. People also generally have a cut off point a few weeks after the due date! Don’t want the baby to see its presents do we…


Who plans a baby shower?

Generally the family or friends of the pregnant person. We hope that answers the question of who plans the baby shower.

Baby shower songs r&b

These parties should be fun, so lets get some top tracks with a baby theme of course. Here are a few to get you started…

  1. Baby one more time – Britney Spears
  2. Baby – Justin Bieber 
  3. Always be my baby – Mariah Caret
  4. Be my Baby – The ronettes. 
  5. Kooks – Bowie

How long do baby showers last?

Generally, baby showers last around 3 hours-5 hours if you want to do more, for example serve food and play games. This could take around 4 hours or so. It is really up to you to see how long you want to host it for. We know this can be quite a lot on the pregnant mother sometimes. 

How to host a baby shower

Make sure you have tidied the place and it looks clean. The next part is the decorations. If you want to make it look totally classy and instagrammable, this is an important part of the process. 

Places to have a baby shower near me?

Really if you do not want to have it at your home, you could have it at a venue. Think your local reception venue, or even a church hall. These are all great places. 

When should you have a baby shower

Have a baby shower from the 6 months to go stage, that way you are still showing, btu not imminently pregnant!

Easy baby shower food

Think Chicken legs, oven pizzas. Or you could do a batch cook something that goes far, think spaghetti Bolognese, curry, or chilli con carne with rice. 

Baby shower menu ideas finger foods

You could do some sandwiches , sausage rolls, or pizzas. Anything really! If you don’t feel like cooking, order something in! That is always a crowd pleaser. 

How long are baby showers?

Whatever duration you make them! We recommend somewhere around 2-4 hours

How much to spend on baby shower gift?

Baby shower gifts are really your choice. But sometimes this can be awkward, especially if you do not know the person too much. Don’t want to seem too cheap, or overly generous. We recommend somewhere between $10-20 dollars if it is someone you do not know so well. You can get some great looking things with this amount of money if you know where to look!

What to write in a baby shower card?

What do you think you should write? Just be honest. Honesty comes across the best, something from the heart is a lot more believable than just a verse that is copied and pasted online.

Baby Shower Venues

Good baby shower venues are always:

What to wear to a baby shower?

You can really wear anything, I would say smart casual, cute, maybe pastel colour combos. Or even something bright. The truth is it’s really whatever you’re comfortable in will look the best. 

Khloe kardashian baby shower?

Yes – i’m sure you will have all seen the KimK and KhloeK baby showers and why can’t yours be as glam ? we have some great suggestions for you that will get you looking as glamorous as the Kardashians. 

Who pays for baby shower?

Sometimes the friends sometimes the mother sometimes even it’s the family or the grandparents. However you do it… it’s bound to be magical. 

Community baby shower?

This could be a great way if you have old baby stuff lying around that totally works, this might be good for a community! Find out how to clean a baby crib mattress. And how to refinish a baby crib!