Old Baby Cribs versus New Convertible Cribs

Old Baby Cribs versus New Convertible Cribs

Should you decide to use an old baby crib, here is a check list to help you determine if the crib is safe. The most important point to remember is the safety for your baby is number one. Old cribs may not meet all the current safety standards. Never use an old crib that hasn’t been thoroughly inspected for the following deficiencies.

1) Any damage can be a potential hazard and may make the crib unstable.

2) Determine whether there are any missing parts. Some parts may be purchased from the manufacture. If the part can not be purchased and the crib can not be repaired to its normal state, then, do not use.

3) Check all the assembly items to verify they are in working order. Again, if can’t be fixed correctly, then do not use.

4) Old cribs with chipped or peeling paint can be very dangerous to your child. Old cribs may have lead paint that will need to be removed and refinished with current non-toxic safe paint. This is a project in itself.

5) Old cribs need to be inspected for splinters or rough edges. These will be required to be sanded down and refinished.

6) Measure the slats or spindles to be sure they are spaced more that 2 3/8” apart.

7) Any corner posts over 1/16” above the head or foot board must be removed. You can saw or cut them off; then, sand the rough edges, and refinish.

8) Cover any cutout areas on the head or foot board. Any of these items are a potential hazard to the safety of your child. If you reach this point and it needs to be changed, it is best to go find another crib. However, if you are good at wood working one way to remove the cut outs are to cut a piece of wood large enough to cover the cut out. The new piece will need to be refinished to ensure there are no rough edges. Then glue and screw the piece to the crib.

9) But, above all check the listing of recalled baby cribs to make sure the model is not on the recalled listing. If it is, do not use the crib.

10) Make sure the crib is assembled properly, including the brackets for the mattress support. Many manufacturers will have their instructions on their internet site.

With new and old cribs placement of the baby’s crib is very important. Make sure the crib is placed AWAY from 1) a window, 2) draperies 3) blinds, or 4) any long cords that the baby can reach.