How to clean baby toys

How to clean baby toys

Cleaning baby toys can be stressful, because it is a big responsibility. We know that babies like to put things in their mouths, and that toys end up on the floor and lets not even begin to think about what will happen if you have a dog in the home. 

So naturally, sometimes they need to be washed. 

You can do this with some hot water and something like fairy liquid, make sure you get into all of the areas of the toy that could have dirt. 

how to clean childrens toy
how to clean childrens toy

Of course this only really works on plastic or melamine toys, other toys that have batteries will not stand up to this method of cleaning. 

How to clean baby toys with vinegar

If the toy has batteries in it makes sure to take the batteries out before you wash. Mix a solution of 1:1 white vinegar and hot water and scrub the toy with this. Note – if you are using baby cutlery or utensils made of plastic it is best to put these in a baby steamer because it is the only way to make sure they are fully sterile. 

The vinegar should get the larger stains out, but will also make it smell and taste of vinegar, which is maybe a good thing!

How to wash baby toys in washing machine

Some soft toys will be able to be washed in the washing machine, and they will look great for example cushion covers and teddy bears. As well as this, you can clean it with alcohol wipes, because of this it will be fully anti-bacterial, so that’s great, because it will be covid free.

How to clean baby toys with bleach 

You can also do this but do not leave the toys with bleach on this can be dangerous, so potentially you should clean with bleach then wash with water. As well as this you can also dishwasher some items such as plastic bath items, but also be careful to inspect after you have done this to once again check. 

How to clean teething toys

You should put them in the dishwasher or even clean with hot soapy water and clean thoroughly. Teething toys need to be cleaned well because they are always in your child’s mouth and with COVID 19 you need to make sure that things are sterile to make sure your child is protected from that and other viruses.

Cleaning baby furniture with vinegar

You can do this too and mix hot water with vinegar and more. In addition to this make sure you use a new cloth and or new every time. You could even use a microfiber cloth. 

how to clean kids toy with vinegar
how to clean kids toy with vinegar

Best toddler plates

Some of the best toddler utensils 2020 are made from melamine. Because it is durable, and hard wearing. This is also the same for washing at high temperatures too. You can also get toddler utensils made of stainless steel which is really sterile. But it’s not that great because they are heavy and can be sharp and dangerous.  Find out how to get cheap baby furniture here