How to clean a baby crib mattress?

How to clean a baby crib mattress?

To take look after a baby’s health is simply a must, but do you realise how many hours your baby spends sleeping in it’s crib? Any young immune system is vulnerable to germs and viruses, and that’s why cleaning the crib on a daily basis is simply a must. That’s why we invited the Fantastic Upholstery Cleaners to wrap up and share a dash of tips for moms and dads to bare in mind, so both parents and youngsters can sleep safe and sound and focus on what matters the most!. Regardless of the nature of your chore – either taking the mattress out of storage, tackling dust mites, washing it after a poo incident or you merely want to pre-treat a brand new baby mattress prior to usage – cleaning has always been a hefty task. This simple routine will only take you a bit and could be easily handled in a breeze.

Step #1: Vacuum cleaning the mattress:

Start with thorough vacuuming! End to end and top to bottom! Make sure you properly clean the mattress from both above and beneath. If possible, take it outside and give it a few good smacks as an extra precaution. This way you will get rid of dust and dirt as best as possible. These are known to be the most common cause for skin irritation and allergic reactions for both youngsters and adults. If available, implement the upholstery extension to your vacuum cleaner for an even better result. * Note: Don’t forget to cover the mattress edges as well!  

Step #2: Apply a baby-friendly cleaning mixture

Mix ¼ cup of a skin-friendly and bleach-free cleaning detergent with 5 cups of warm water. Mix up till you have it bubbly and foamy.  

Step #3: Scrubbing the mattress

Soak and squeeze a piece of dry cloth, rag or a regular sponge just enough so it doesn’t drip. Start scrubbing the mattress slowly starting from one end and slowly moving to the other. Rinse and wrinkle frequently so you make sure you do not leave too much moisture behind, for it will not only dry out way slower, but could also open the pathway to mold. If you do not have the appropriate damp cloth, rag or old towel, you could use a brush as well.  

Step #4: Clean both sides

Look out of for stains or other signs of dirt. Cleaning both sides of your baby mattress is obviously common sense, but you better be careful not to hurt your flooring. Use rags, an old carpet, plastic bags or whatsoever you have at hand, to lay on the ground and thus protect it from both scratches and moisture.  

Step #5: The extra treatment for stains

In case you notice stains, that the above-mentioned DIY cleaning recipe can’t handle – gently apply some lemon juice and let it do it’s magic for a while.  

Step #6: Disinfect stains for bacteria

If you have diaper-accident leftovers, you will surely want to disinfect from bacteria and germs. Use a regular sprayer and fill it with rubbing alcohol. Since it will evaporate on it’s own, rinsing is not really needed.  

Step #7: Leave the mattress out in the Sun

The Sun is not only great for drying a freshly washed mattress, but it’s also an incredible way to disinfect, not to mention how great it works for stain removal when combined with lemon juice. When they work together, you get a 100% eco-friendly and natural bleaching solution. Of course, the Sun is not always there for us to enjoy and use, so if you have to, leave the mattress in a dry and well ventilated area. Consider using a fan if necessary.  

Step #8: Apply a dash or two of baking soda when done with cleaning.

Wait as long as needed for your mattress to dry and scatter a small amount of baking soda and leave it be for a good hour or two, before flipping the other side. Baking soda is both great for preventing mould but also helps remove unpleasant odors.  

What you’ll need for cleaning a crib mattress:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • An upholstery-meant brush attachment;
  • Skin-friendly bleach-free cleaning detergent;
  • A damp cloth, towels, old rag or sponge;
  • Regular lemon juice
  • Regular baking soda

A few extra tips:

  • Wash and launder sheets and bedding at least once a week and follow the cleaning crib mattress routine once or twice a month. Set your washer to no less than 130 degrees Fahrenheit so you don’t have to worry about dust mites.
  • Tuck in the crib with a dedicated cover when out of use.
  • The best way to ensure that dust mites are a no-no i s using a latex mattress
  • For PVC coatings, it is highly advisable to wipe and polish with a soft mixture of warm water and a disinfectant or other cleaning solution that will sterilise. Antibacterial products are another great way to get the job done.
  • For fabric coverings, you should manually scrub and wash via non-biological cleaning solutions. Wash thoroughly and pull to shape while still wet and let it dry on it’s own.
  • Fabric covers are suitable for machine washing at a slow spin. It’s important to stay below the maximum of 60 degrees. Using a non-biological solution is mandatory. It’s best to leave bedding to dry on it’s own, but if you have to use a tumble dryer, make sure you have it on low temp, for zippers and plastic could be damaged beyond repair.
  • Do not iron mattress covers.
  • Dry cleaning is an absolute No-no. Most products use could cause irritation and skin reactions to a youngster.
  • Never ever use a mattress before it has fully dried off.
  • Rotate the mattress every here and there in order to control shape distortion and ventilation.
  • Never ever do “second hand” with baby mattresses!
  • Bare in mind that a soft mattress will hold the risk of SIDS in case your young one rolls over its tummy.
  • Make you there are no gaps due to poor fitting for baby might get stuck and hurt.
  • Also throw away polythene wrapping when unpacking a new mattress.
  • Avoid proximity to curtains or shades, for cords pose a risk.
  • Do not lay soft bedding right above the hard surface, for it will make the overall feel softer and that’s not always a virtue.
  • Make sure you stay away from chemicals while cleaning your baby crib’s mattress, for you never know how such might affect your youngsters.
  • Always let the mattress fully dry! Never ever place it back, unless you’re absolutely sure it’s as dry as possible.
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