We have a range of cabinets, bedside tables and modern furniture. 

Coffee Tables

Coffee tables are often an overlooked item in a living room. But yet, their positioning means they should be the focal piece;  the centrepiece of a room. Here we have a selection of our Coffee table range, sure to impress your friends or family!

Scandi Coffee Table– $10.00

This stylish table is unique, and has many original features. Its long, spindly legs give a poised, refreshing, minimal effect in a room. 

This table boasts Scandinavian class and simplicity. Comes flat packed, and free delivery. 

Available in: Grey/White.

French Sideboard Coffee Table – $100.00

Elegant, and chic, this French style Coffee table is perfect for larger rooms. It also boasts storage within the cabinets for any extra items you need.

Made from Bamboo, and natural materials. With free delivery, this is not to be missed. 

Comes in: Ivory White, Cream, Black

Modern Style Furniture

We also sell Modern Furniture, and keep up to date with the latest trends. Here you can find great prices for modern furniture and maybe get some inspiration for your home! Choose from Scandinavian to Nordic and further Overseas inspired designs. 

Scandinavian Flat Pack Cabinet - $100.00

Pure and simple Nordic designed Cabinet. Comes in a range of colours, and sizes. Choose from 2 drawers to 4. 

Perfect for a bedroom or living room. 

Comes in: White, Antique Walnut, and Natural Maple.

Contemporary Bed – $500.00

This Amsterdam Inspired bed boasts simplicity at its core. The headboard showing bold lines, casting a statement across the whole room. 

The natural grain of the wood is also a talking point. Beautiful texture and tone exude through this bed. 

Full Nursery Furniture Sets

Our full nursery sets are perhaps our most popular items here at Princes Furniture Cribs. Don’t worry about anything and let us deck out your nursery. 

Full Oak Nursery Furniture Set - $1000.00

Our full nursery furniture set, including:

Crib, Mirror, Chest of drawers, Baby clothes set, Changing table. 

You do not need to worry about purchasing all of the separate items to kit out your nursery. We have it covered. This beautiful dark hardwood set will be perfect for your new nursery. 

Full Pine Nursery Set – $500.00

Our pine nursery range furniture set featuring:

Crib, Toy set, Lamp, Chest of drawers, Baby change stand.

This is a beautiful set, that will brighten up any room. Perfect for toddlers.

This set comes in a range of colours featuring: Ivory white, Navy blue, Black, Yellow.