How to clean baby toys

how to clean kids toy with vinegar

Cleaning baby toys can be stressful, because it is a big responsibility. We know that babies like to put things in their mouths, and that toys end up on the floor and lets not even begin to think about what will happen if you have a dog in the home.  So naturally, sometimes they need […]

What is Melamine?

melamine bowls

Melamine uses Melamine has been used for kitchenware tableware, and even furniture and laminate. This extremely versatile material is great because of its multi uses and price. It is mostly used in large scale restaurants or school cafeterias, dining halls, that sort of thing. At the other end of the scale there are also the […]


what is a baby shower?

What is baby shower? A baby shower is where a pregnant mother throws a party for her unborn baby in order to be ready and get supplies for her baby when it is born. This may include giving gifts, food, playing games. It is suitable for all ages and generally held midday.  Baby shower meaning […]

4 remarkable dream house ideas

Forest Effect Lightshade Above bed

We all have a vivid idea of how your dream house will eventually look like. A number of us imagine it as a little, cozy but spacious enough for the family while others imagine it as a gigantic mansion with numerous different rooms. What’s more besides the structure and number of rooms in it, some […]