What is Melamine?

melamine bowls

Melamine uses Melamine has been used for kitchenware tableware, and even furniture and laminate. This extremely versatile material is great because of its multi uses and price. It is mostly used in large scale restaurants or school cafeterias, dining halls, that sort of thing. At the other end of the scale there are also the […]

How to Furnish Your Nursery Room Without Breaking the Furniture Budget?

When you are expecting a child (especially a firstborn), it’s understandable that you want everything in your nursery to be perfect. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let your excitement blind you and make you drain your entire savings account just to get the best-looking furniture. There are many other ways in which you […]

Old Baby Cribs versus New Convertible Cribs

Should you decide to use an old baby crib, here is a check list to help you determine if the crib is safe. The most important point to remember is the safety for your baby is number one. Old cribs may not meet all the current safety standards. Never use an old crib that hasn’t […]

To Refinish or Not To Refinish a Baby Crib

Some parents may want to refinish a cherished heirloom baby crib. Before you start the project make sure you can complete the task. You need the right attitude and you can not be overwhelmed by the amount of work involved, or be too impatient to complete the job. This project will take a number of […]

Refinishing Baby Cribs

Refinishing furniture can be fun. If you are deciding about the feasibility of refinishing your cherished heirloom baby crib, you must first determine if the crib can be made safe and comfortable for your baby before you start your refinishing project. The main ingredient for refinishing a baby crib or furniture is time and patience. […]

Baby Cribs made from Eco-Friendly Wood

Go Green and Save Money Here is a way to save money and to save the environment. If you are buying a baby crib, first buy quality that will last.  Convertible baby cribs that are made of solid wood will endure the child’s use for years. In addition, the convertible baby crib changes with the […]