Baby Cribs made from Eco-Friendly Wood

Baby Cribs made from Eco-Friendly Wood

Go Green and Save Money

Here is a way to save money and to save the environment. If you are buying a baby crib, first buy quality that will last.  Convertible baby cribs that are made of solid wood will endure the child’s use for years. In addition, the convertible baby crib changes with the growth of your child. The crib will convert into a toddler bed; then, later into an adult bed. This means less wood is used.

In addition to using less wood, Atlantic furniture is proud to manufacture its products using Eco-friendly plantation hardwood. Most of their furniture uses timber from the rubber tree commonly known as Rubber Wood or Hevea. They also make use plantation grown Mahogany, White Birch and Italian Popular. Plantation timber is both economical and environmentally responsible.

Rubber tree plantations are harvested by hand at the end of their useful life. New seedlings are planted after the stump is dug up.

The rubber tree timber is used in the manufacturing of high quality furniture. The wood has a dense grain, stability, and attractive color. Rubber wood easily accepts different finishes. This environmentally friendly wood is used to produce latex, the raw material used to produce other products.