4 remarkable dream house ideas

4 remarkable dream house ideas

We all have a vivid idea of how your dream house will eventually look like. A number of us imagine it as a little, cozy but spacious enough for the family while others imagine it as a gigantic mansion with numerous different rooms. What’s more besides the structure and number of rooms in it, some of us envision it as having several luxurious amenities such as a pool, a hammock or even a spa. To help you kick-start your creative prowess and offer you exclusive inspiration in your quest for a “perfect” Dream House, here are four amazing ideas to guide you through:

# 1 – Chandelier inspiring a Forest-theme

Different lighting is a wonderful way to inspire a different feel and look in a room, but unlike typical lighting alterations, this incredible chandelier courtesy of Hilden & Diaz will immediately take you down to the jungle and with just a single click! “Forms of Nature’ as it rightly known as is a magnificently designed bundle of typical white tangled branches, which casts shadows on your walls that resemble forest trees. On placing the light bulb at its center, the chandelier creates a shadow formation (360 degrees) on each wall together with the house ceiling.

Forest Effect Lightshade

Forest Effect Lightshade closeup

These shadows engulf the entire room and subsequently transform them into unruly shadows of bushes, gnarled trees, and branches. The chandelier creates a mirroring effect on your ceilings and walls offering a somewhat weak Rorschach-like hint of life, a flow of consciousness and faces.

On dimming the lights, the installation transforms instantly and you can identify
a somewhat weak fire blazing deep in the forest’s center. This kind of feature would probably fit in well with a some shabby chic style bedroom furniture.

Firest effect lightshade in bedroom


# 2 A hammock bed

Combine functionality with beauty in your home with a hammock designed in the form of bed. The standard industrial material is hand-stitched with typical zigzag stitching to create a comfortable and ideally portable hammock that acts as a relaxing bed. This accessory is not permanent and can as such be dismantled to free up space, quickly moved to allow cleaning and its chains are adaptable allowing it to transform into an aerial sofa. Obviously this is not ideal as a baby crib but we like to think about the parents too because the happier they are the happier the baby will be.

Suspended hammock bed

# 3 A book staircase

If you picture your dream house having more than one floor, then you will, of course, need a staircase.

But what comes to mind when you think of a staircase? While it is common to go with the usual idea of a block of wood leading to another floor, there are numerous fantastic designs which you can adapt to suit your dream house and the bookcase staircase is one such option.

This is a unique staircase whose design is a culmination of the love for books or a desire for a home library and the shortage of space in an otherwise dream house setting.

A book inspired staircase

# 4 A backyard office

Working from home is a seemingly growing trend that seems to be going nowhere-and with some employers actively encouraging it, it is essential you also consider it in your quest to establish your dream home.

You can go for this idea of a characteristic OfficePOD that offers an ideal working environment separate from your home life. After all, isn’t it why we go to offices?

Office pod

Wrap up

Did you find these ideas useful? If so, then what are you waiting for? Pick any of these fantastic ideas and set sail towards your dream house project!