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A range of home furniture, baby cribs & mattresses

So what are we about here at Princes Furniture Store

Based in Debary, Florida we are a small independent furniture retailer specializing in home furniture, baby cribs & accessories.

The store was first started by Director Tasha Prince whom after giving birth to two beautiful little girls decided to start getting involved with baby cribs having had a good look around the market before giving birth. She was not impressed by the range or cribs on offer locally and even more concerned with the level of craftsmanship on some of these cribs with concerns over some of the features that she deemed unsafe. Things like placement of wooden lats, distances between lats, the joins of the wood and sometimes the finish of the product.

So Princes Baby Crib Store was launched and has since evolved into Princes Furniture Store to cater for a wider product range and other rooms in the home aside from the playroom and nursery. We stock decorative and contemporary furniture for the home along with a French style range and some Shabby Chic items and accessories.

Some of our range are handmade by ourselves which makes the designs unique to the market and we can make orders to bespoke designs with a little bit of notice. The products we make and sell adhere to all furniture fire safety requirements and the USA furniture compliance requirements.

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Tasha Prince

Mother of two lovely girls with a passion for all pretty furniture

My name Tasha Prince and I like to blog about the products that I sell in my store, in particular baby stuff like cribs and accessories. Motherhood is where it all started for me selling on items for babies that I no longer had a use for.